The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Iran

Nose Surgery in Iran

The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Iran

The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran: men and women considering rhinoplasty should know that choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran is very important.

Choosing a surgeon is easy in small cities, but in large cities like Tehran it is difficult. People who are candidates for rhinoplasty, should be careful about choosing their   surgeon, and if they are not satisfied with their previous rhinoplasty surgery, they should wait up to a year for a revision rhinoplasty.

The skill of the rhinoplasty surgeon and his/her awareness of the up-to-date techniques of rhinoplasty, are two of the most important factors that should be taken into account when choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran.

Rhinoplasty is considered as the most commonly used cosmetic surgical procedure. Who is the best rhinoplasty surgeon? How and under which conditions does he/she perform rhinoplasty? Are two questions frequently asked by people who are thinking about having rhinoplasty. Majority of these people are looking for right answers to the asked questions. People living in distant cities often need to try to find an experienced and proficient rhinoplasty surgeon.

Candidates for rhinoplasty should consider the educational background, work experience, morality of their desired rhinoplasty surgeon, and also see the before and after rhinoplasty photos by that surgeon to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran.

Some people are so obsessed with nose job Iran and worried about the form of their nose after rhinoplasty. These type of people are usually looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran or in their place of residence, they do all the research well and most of the time are happy with the results of their rhinoplasty.

In addition to the form of the nose, patients’ health is also important. If the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran be familiar with the up-to-date techniques, he/she might know well how to perform rhinoplasty in order to minimize risk of complications.

How to Choose the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Iran?

  • Ask your friends, relatives, and people you know about a good rhinoplasty surgeon.
  • Write down the names of rhinoplasty surgeons and refer to their clinics or beauty centers for more information.
  • After referring to the nose surgeons’ clinics, talk with their patients about the outcome of their rhinoplasty.
  • Ask the staff of their clinic about morality of your desired rhinoplasty surgeons.
  • Choose one of them.
  • For more information about that rhinoplasty surgeon, rhinoplasty procedure, and its techniques have a counseling session with him/her.
  • Try to explain to the surgeon all your goals of getting a nose job at the counseling session.

Rhinoplasty with the Best rhinoplasty Surgeon in Iran

Rhinoplasty is one of the cosmetic surgeries which has risen dramatically in recent decades and has seen an explosion of popularity among men and women.

One of the most important benefits of rhinoplasty is changing the facial appearance of people. Because the nose is located in the center of the face, the slightest change in its form might change the beauty of the entire face. Also, creating proper angles in rhinoplasty can cause the face to look more proportionate.

There are different surgical techniques and methods for reshaping or correcting the nose, so it is better for patients not to insist on one issue and allow the rhinoplasty surgeon to make the best decision according to their nose type and problem so that they will have a beautiful nose form.

Because of being no visible scarring on the nose skin, most of candidates for rhinoplasty request the closed rhinoplasty procedure, but choosing the suitable technique is up to the rhinoplasty surgeon.

In closed rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon has no direct access to the nasal structure, which is why the percentage of error is higher in it, and this technique is used for slight changes in the nose.

The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran, chooses the best technique and method according to the problem that is going to be corrected. Therefore, you should just tell your surgeon your expectations of a nose job and trust your surgeon in choosing the rhinoplasty technique.

Preparation Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • You should avoid painkillers containing aspirin or ibuprofen for two weeks prior to the rhinoplasty. These medications slow down the blood-clotting process and can increase bleeding. Let your surgeon know prior to the surgery if you are diagnosed and are undergoing any treatment, such as diabetes, thyroid issues, and hypertension, heart disease.
  • Smokers have more difficulty healing from rhinoplasty, as cigarettes slow the recovery process. Nicotine constricts your blood vessels, resulting in less oxygen and blood getting to healing tissues. Quitting smoking before and after surgery can help the healing process.
  • Avoid alcohol for two weeks following surgery because it can cause swelling in the nose. It makes healing take longer, increase the chance of scarring, cause irritation and itching at the surgical site, and increases the risk for excessive bleeding.
  • Eat natural foods like vegetables and fruits to shorten your recovery period after surgery.
  • On the day of your surgery, you are recommended to wear comfortable clothes, preferably zip ups, nothing tight.
  • Remove all make-up, jewelry, nail polish, and contact lenses.
  • You must fast for 6 to 8 hours prior to your surgery because you will be undergoing general anesthesia.

The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Iran136

After Surgery Care

  • After the surgery, you will be prescribing medicine and scheduled for regular check-ups and cleanings.
  • Quit smoking and avoid drinking for at least 4 weeks after surgery to have the best recovery and results.
  • Apply ice packs on your nose and under your eyes constantly due to the increase in swelling for 2 to 3 days post-surgery. It will help speed the recovery process as well.
  • The first 2-3 nights after surgery, sleep with the head of the bed elevated with 3 pillows or preferably in a recliner chair at a 45 degree angle.
  • Avoid bending over or lifting anything heavy.
  • Stock up on soft foods because it’s hard to chew when your nose is clogged and you can’t breathe out of it.
  • Use the nasal spray often. It keeps your nose moist and aids in healing.
  • Do not blow your nose with pressure or sniff hardly for at least 2 weeks. Also, if you need to sneeze, do it through your mouth!
  • Take all the medication prescribed for you after the surgery. Those will help you to heal better.
  • Avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses for two to six weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to your nose at least a year. Use hat and sunscreen creams with SPF 20 or above if you thing you will be under sun. Do not let your nose sunburn.
  • Your final look will appear between 6-12 months.


Call your surgeon if:

  • Your splint comes off
    • You feel blood draining down your throat
    • You have a fever over 38.5 degrees C.
    • Your nose is red or draining pus
    • You have persistent nausea and vomiting
    • You have severe pain

Characteristics of the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Iran

  • A good surgeon should be familiar with the science of aesthetics.
  • The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran should Know the rules of math.
  • The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran should have a great deal of surgical skills for performing cosmetic nose surgery.
  • The best nose surgeon in Iran should be able to imagine the nose before rhinoplaty.
  • The best rhinoplasy surgeon in Iran should be able to gain patient’s trust, because trusting the surgeon cause the satisfaction of the patient.
  • The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran should explain all the points about nose surgery to the patient patiently.
  • The best rhinolasty surgeon in Iran should care about the patient’s health and give it a high priority.
  • The best surgeon in Iran should examine the patient’s nose carefully after rhinoplasty.
  • The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran must ask patients essential questions about their medical history and medications they are taking.

Choosing the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Iran

  • Note that rhinopasty is not an emergency surgery, so the patient has enough time to search and choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran.
  • First, make a list of your desired rhinoplasty surgeons, who are experienced and qualified in nose surgery.
  • Next, search about their educational level and work experiences.
  • Refer to them for consultation and tell them your expectations of a nose job.
  • Each surgeon has a rhinoplasty before and after photo gallery, ask him/her to show it to you.
  • Talk to patients how are at the surgeon’s clinic to find out if they are satisfied with their nose job.


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