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Plastic Surgery Turkey

Plastic surgery Turkey:  It is a misunderstanding that the word plastic in plastic surgery means artificial. Rather, the word originated from the Greek word “plastikos”, which means to mold or give form. Plastic surgery Turkey is a surgical specialty that includes both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.

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Reconstructive plastic surgery

In general, reconstructive surgery is done on abnormal structures of the body that may be caused by the following:

  • Trauma
  • Infection
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Birth disorders
  • Tumors
  • Disease

This type of plastic surgery Turkey is usually performed to improve function, but may also be performed to achieve a more typical appearance of the affected structure. For example, it can be used to remove webbing from a finger, or reattach limbs severed through trauma. Reconstructive surgery is generally covered by health insurance, although coverage for specific procedures and levels of coverage may vary greatly.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is the best-known branch of plastic surgery. This type of plastic surgery is purely optional and aims to improve appearance and confidence by enhancing and reshaping normal structures of the body. Healthy individuals with realistic expectations and a positive outlook are good candidates for cosmetic procedures. Note that cosmetic surgery is usually not covered by health insurance because it is elective.

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7 Most Popular Types of Best Plastic Surgery Turkey Procedures

For people who are currently considering plastic surgery, but are not sure what options are available to them, the list below provides a brief description of the most commonly performed types of best plastic surgery Turkey.

Nose Reshaping (rhinoplasty)

Nose reshaping surgery, also known as a nose job iran or rhinoplasty in iran , refers to any surgery that repairs or reshapes the nose. Some people opt for a nose job for cosmetic reasons. Others may have a medical reason, such as difficulty breathing or birth defects. The surgeon may perform either an open or a closed rhinoplasty procedure; the difference being the open rhinoplasty involves cutting into the columella of the individual’s nose.

Rhinoplasty can be used to:

  • Increase or reduce the size of the nose
  • Change the shape of the bridge
  • Narrow the shape of the nostrils
  • Change the angle of the nose
  • Repair congenital defects
  • Correct problems following an injury
  • Improve breathing problems

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Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty)

Eyelid Surgery is designed to give the eyes a more youthful look and can correct droopy eyelids, a condition called ptosis, by removing excess skin along with the underlying muscle and sometimes fat around the eyes. You may want an eyelid surgery for cosmetic reasons or to be able to see better. This often depends on what part of the eyelid has the excess skin.

  • Upper eyelids: Excess skin in the upper eyelids can result in a tired appearance or difficulty seeing the top portion of your field of vision.
  • Lower eyelids: Eyelid surgery in the lower eyelid is usually a cosmetic procedure to improve the shape of loose skin and bulging fat.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also called a “boob job”, refers to procedures which increase the size or change the shape of the breasts. When the size of the breast is increased, the procedure may also be called breast implant surgery. This type of plastic surgery iran is also done to reconstruct a cancer patient’s breasts after a mastectomy. The most common material used is a saline breast implant but there are also silicone implants filled with silicone gel that may be used.


Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure to create fuller, plumper lips and to reduce fine wrinkles around the mouth. Usually, injectable dermal fillers are used to increase lip volume, shape, or structure. Keep in mind that lip augmentation is not permanent. The effects tend to last 3 to 6 months before a second procedure is necessary to restore shape and volume.

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Facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that aims at repairing sagging and loose skin and removing wrinkles on the face to give the patient a more youthful appearance. During the surgery, facial tissues are lifted, excess skin removed, and skin replaced over repositioned contours. Neck lift is commonly done in conjunction with facelift surgery. Other procedures usually done along with facelift surgery include forehead lifts, rhinoplasty, or eyelid surgery.



Liposuction refers to is cosmetic surgery procedures in which the body is recontoured by removing fat stored directly under the skin. Fat deposits are removed directly beneath the skin by using a vacuum-suction cannula. Ultrasound may also be used to break up fat deposits before the removal with suction. This procedure is not substitute for weight loss. Liposuction can be performed on the chin, arms, thighs, hips, stomach, face, buttocks, and back. It can also remove fat tumors (lipomas) as well as reduce the size of breasts in men. This procedure can be used on more than one area in a single day.


Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a “tummy tuck”, is done to make the stomach and lower abdomen area appear thinner and firmer. This type of plastic surgery removes excess skin and fat and restores weakened or separated muscles in the abdominal area in order to improve the profile. Abdominoplasty can improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin, but cannot remove stretch marks. The results of abdominoplasty are permanent, but maintaining a proper weight is critical to maintain the results.

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Risks of Plastic Surgery Turkey

Poor Cosmetic Outcome


Nerve Damage or Numbness






Blood Clots

Anesthesia Issues


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