Jawline Enhancement

Jawline Enhancement in Iran

Jawline enhancement in Iran: changing the shape of the jaw from square to a more attractive oval shape can create a more graceful, youthful and gentle appearance to the face. That’s why many men and women go for the procedure of enhancing and correcting their jaws.

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However, cost of surgery is an important factor that people take into account when undergoing surgery. While many spend thousands of dollars on getting their jawline corrected in their countries, several people buy round-trip airfare to Iran and put their face in the hands of proficient Iranian surgeons and still have money left over to save or splurge on a wild purchase. This is indeed an opportunity for those looking for cheaper services. So, in this article we provide you with all the details you need to know about this treatment.

What Is Jawline Enhancement?

Jawline enhancement, also known as jaw augmentation, can help your jaw balance better with your other facial features by making a so-called “weak” jaw appear more angular and defined. There are two main types of jawline enhancement 55treatments: surgical and non-surgical, which will be discussed later on.

A jawline is made of 3 main parts:

  • Chin (front of the jaw).
  • Ramus or angle of the jaw (back of the jaw)
  • Body, which supports the teeth (the middle of the jaw)

When deciding to undergo a jawline enhancement, a person must take all of these parts into account in order for them to be in proportion to each other.

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Why Jawline Enhancement?

The Jawline is one of the most important facial features in youth as well as in the mature person. That is, a strong and clearly-defined jawline has a significant effect on forming the shape of the face. Moreover, it increases attractiveness. Be a male or female, no one likes a recessed or weak jawline. So, when people have inherited a recessed chin or their jawline definition is reduced as a result of aging, jaw enhancement treatment an be a good option.

Why Jawline Enhancement in Iran?

Generally, there are 3 main reasons that attract people to flock to Iran for cosmetic or medical procedures:

  1. Doctors
  2. Medical Facilities
  3. Costs

In spite of the fact that you may think a cheap treatment is the primary reason and motivation that patients consider Iran for cosmetic surgery, it is the strong base of proficient and experienced surgeons of Iran that attracts people before anything else.

Furthermore, modern hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers in major cities of the country are equipped with the latest technologies and facilities, providing excellent services to the patients just like what they may receive in a developed country.

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How Is Jawline Enhancement Performed?

Jaw enhancement in Iran is performed with different surgical and non-surgical methods with trained and experienced plastic surgeons.


Preparing for Surgical Jawline Enhancement

Before your jaw augmentation procedure, the surgeon will review your medical history and examine your jaw and whole face. Once the surgeon establishes that you are healthy enough for the procedure, he or she will give you specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery, including guidelines on eating and drinking, taking or avoiding certain medications and vitamins, and not smoking.

Carefully following the surgeon’s instructions will help you have a successful procedure and heal faster with a smooth recovery. If you are a smoker, it is especially important to stop smoking at least two weeks before your surgery. Smoking inhibits blood flow to the skin and can interfere with the healing of your wounds.

24 Hours Before Surgery

_Do not eat or drink anything after 12 midnight.

_Do not take any medications unless cleared by the surgeon.

_Leave all valuables at home, including jewelry and handbags.

_Do not wear any eye or facial make-up or contacts.

_You may shower and brush your teeth the day of surgery.

_Bring the following with you the day of surgery:

  • Comfortable clothing that zips or buttons up the front.
  • Prescription medication in the original container.
  • Items needed for your overnight stay.

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Surgical Jawline Enhancement in Iran

Jaw augmentation which is also referred to as jaw implants, is ideal for men and women with small jaws, giving them an angular and strong jawline.

This surgery is performed under general anesthesia by making an incision inside the mouth and inserting manufactured implants that have been created to the desired jawline shape. These implants are also called gonial angle implants because they augment the gonial angle of the jaw. After placing the implants flush against the jawbone behind the masseter muscle, and holding them in place with titanium screws, the incisions are closed in layers in order to avoid the fluids in the mouth to enter into the wound. This procedure usually takes about 1- 2 hours.

Depending on the desired outcome, sometimes chin augmentation is combined with with the jawline augmentation surgery. So, people with small and weak chins can benefit from this surgery along with jaw enhancement.

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What type of jaw implants are used in Iran?

Medapor and silicone implants are the two main types of jawline implants in Iran, which are used based on your condition and preference. The body tissues can grow into Medapor implants and they have the benefit of being more stable than silicone implants. Also, FDA-approved mentor implants are very popular in the country as they yield more satisfactory results.

Will Jawline Implants Ever Need to Be Replaced?

There is no indication for replacement and removal of jawline implants. As they are placed directly upon the bone and held into place with tiny titanium screws, they do not move. Barring infection or trauma to the area, the body encapsulates the implants with a small layer of scar which protects them and holds them in place. To prevent infection, patients are advised to take antibiotics before dental treatment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jaw Augmentation Surgery

The important advanta1ge of this surgery is that there are no external scars because all incisions are made inside of the mouth. Moreover, the implants can result in more harmony as they can be shaped to match the patient’s jawline.

After enhancing your jawline, you will experience limited ability to talk, smile, and move your mouth and you may go through some level of discomfort for a limited time. It also takes a few weeks or months to see the final results.

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Non-surgical Jawline Enhancement in Iran

Dermal filler jawline injection is a non-surgical method of jawline enhancement in Iran. This type of jawline contouring treatment is done in clinics specialized in skin care and cosmetic procedures in Iran.

The procedure begins by applying topical anesthetics to the area. Then, the doctor injects the filler and massages the area in order to mold it into place. Dermal filler injection takes about 15 minutes and the result usually lasts for around 1 to 2 years.

The cost of the procedure varies depending on the type of gel, the volume used in each session (usually about 2 CC), doctor, and clinical services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jaw Augmentation with Fillers


  • An outpatient surgery
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • Reversible process
  • No external or internal scarring
  • Immediate results


  • It creates temporary results
  • It cannot correct every problem
  • You will experience swelling after the injection which will subside within a few days

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What Will You Need When You’re Home?

Make sure you establish a home recovery area, which should include:

  • Ointments or creams as recommended by the surgeon for any external incision areas
  • Clean gauze
  • Ice packs
  • Soft foods, such as protein shakes, pudding, or ice cream
  • Mouthwash (note that tooth brushing may be restricted based on your surgeon’s recommendations)

What to Expect After Jawline Augmentation Procedures?

Recovery after a jaw implant surgery is different from it after filler injection.

Soreness and swelling are the most common side effects of jawline surgery. The swelling may increase especially within 24-48 hours following the surgery. The major swelling will subside after a few days, but there may be mild swelling that lasts several weeks or even months. So, it will take a month or more to see the final results.

You will need to take one week off from work. During the recovery period, you may have limited ability to smile, fully move your mouth, and talk.

After getting jawline fillers, there is no prolonged healing period. You can go home and return to your daily routine immediately after the injection. However, you may experience swelling, numbness, and discomfort for a few days after the procedure.

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Can Jawline Enhancement Surgery Be Performed with Other Procedures Simultaneously?

Jawline enhancement can be performed alone or in conjunction with other facial rejuvenating procedures, such as chin augmentation, neck lifts, facelifts, cheek implants, brow lifts, facial laser resurfacing, rhinoplasty and fat grafting.

Is There Any Scarring with Jaw Augmentation?

Since jaw augmentation operations are performed through incisions completely inside of the mouth, there are no external scars or visible evidence that an operation was performed.

Is Jaw Augmentation Surgery Safe?

As with any surgery, jaw augmentation surgery carries some minor side effects and risks that rarely happen and can be managed once observed. They include swelling and soreness, hematoma, infection, and implant displacement.

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After Jaw Augmentation Surgery, Contact your Surgeon Immediately if you have:

  • a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
  • increased pain or tenderness near the incision
  • signs of infection:
    • increased drainage from the incision area
    • abnormal swelling
    • redness
    • increased warmth
    • pus
    • foul smell
    • bleeding at the incision
    • incision coming apart

Cost of Jawline Enhancement in Iran

The cost of jawline enhancement depends on the procedure you are going to undergo. Enhancing your jaw with dermal fillers will cost you around $500- $1,000. Jaw augmentation surgery or jaw implants in Iran costs much higher, from $1,500 to $2,500. This is while the cost of jaw augmentation surgery in many countries like the US starts from $8,000 and goes up to $15,000 and more.


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