Forehead Contouring in Iran

Forehead Contouring in Iran0

Forehead Contouring in Iran

Forehead contouring in Iran: the eyes, eyebrows, and forehead are likely the most important areas that can appear masculine or feminine. Your forehead may make your face appear too masculine, too feminine, or simply out-of-balance with other facial features. Masculine foreheads normally have a bony ridge right above the eyes and beneath the brows, known as brow bossing, while feminine foreheads are smoother.

Forehead Contouring in Iran2

Forehead contouring is very powerful and can transform a prominent male forehead to fall within the average female ranges. However, as having this surgery in many countries is often expensive, people can hardly afford it. So, with its affordable forehead contouring and highly-skilled plastic surgeons, Iran has caught the eyes of many candidates.

What is Forehead Contouring Surgery?

Comprising the entire upper third of the facial structure, the forehead is an important feature that essentially frames the entire face. Brow bossing is not desired by many as the person may seem angry or serious, which is considered to be less attractive. Therefore, people go for forehead contouring surgery to get rid of this kind of look.

Forehead contouring surgery, also called forehead reshaping surgery or brow bone reduction, is a good option for those who are unsatisfied with the size and/or shape of their forehead and want to alter its appearance. The procedure involves correcting and reducing the brow bone. This surgery reshapes the brow bossing, forehead slope, forehead bones, and the bones around the eyes to create a more natural-looking appearance. The surgery is commonly carried out on men as a part of feminization, but it can also be performed on women who have this feeling that their foreheads appear too prominent or masculine.

 Forehead Contouring in Iran22

Why Forehead Contouring in Iran?

Over the last years, Iran has become one of the popular medical tourism destinations in a wide range of specialties. The cosmetic and medical procedures in Iran are all performed in modern clinics or hospitals with advanced technologies. Modern hospitals and clinics, coupled with experienced doctors and surgeons, and well-educated staffs have put Iran among successful countries in offering cosmetic surgery services, including forehead reshaping.

In addition to quality, cost of surgery is the other important factor that people take into account when considering surgery abroad. Undoubtedly, every individual wants to have their forehead contouring surgery at a reasonable price rather than being ripped off. The affordable cost of forehead contouring in Iran, even when including travel and accommodation costs, is a motivating factor.

By traveling to Iran for your procedure, you would pay a fraction of the price you would have to pay for the same procedure at home and even get to experience a more effective treatment as you are going under the knife in one of the top ten plastic surgery destinations in the world.

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Preparing for Your Procedure

  • Refrain from smoking two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Nicotine and tobacco smoke delays healing and can result in scarring.
  • You may have to limit alcohol consumption and avoid certain medications.
  • If you regularly take aspirin or another anti-inflammatory drug, your surgeon will ask you to stop taking these for a period before surgery. These drugs can cause increased bleeding.
  • Discontinue herbal medications two weeks before surgery since many of these compounds can increase bleeding or interfere with your anesthetic.
  • Regardless of the type of surgery to be performed, hydration is very important before and after surgery for safe recovery.
  • Arrange for someone to take you home from the hospital. You will not be allowed to drive or leave alone.
  • Arrange for someone to stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.
  • Prepare ice packs. Frozen vegetables work well to reduce post-operative swelling.


Day of Surgery

  • Do not eat or drink anything, including water, the morning of surgery.
  • Wash your hair the morning of surgery and do not use any styling products or sprays.
  • Avoid slipover clothing. Wear loose-fitting clothes that fasten in front or back.
  • Do not wear jewelry; leave all valuables at home.
  • Do not wear any facial or eye make-up.
  • Avoid nail polish.
  • Do not wear contact lenses.

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Forehead Contouring Procedure

Forehead contouring can be done to fulfill the following:

  • Reducing the forehead protrusion
  • Improving the curve of the forehead profile
  • Correcting a forehead bone depression or an extremely flat forehead

This surgery is done under either local or general anesthesia. The procedure usually takes 2-3 hours. A number of different techniques are needed in order to get an optimal result due to varying anatomy.

To access the forehead bone, the surgeon makes an incision either at, or behind the hairline, depending on whether or not the hairline position needs to be changed. Based on the anatomy, the surgeon can manipulate the bone, i.e. shave, reshape and fix. Then he/she will close the incision with stitches. Forehead contouring is often done in conjunction with a brow lift or hairline restoration.

Types of Forehead Contouring in Iran

Various techniques that can be used for forehead contouring surgery include:

  • Bone Shaving

In cases where the brow ridge protrusion is weak, the surgeon may achieve the desired results by grinding down the bone. Some patients can benefit from this procedure; others may be recommended to go with other methods.

 Forehead Contouring in Iran6

  • Bone Reconstruction

In this method, the surgeon removes the external wall of the forehead bone and reshapes it. Then, he/she puts and fixes the bone in place with tiny screws. Finally, the surgeon covers this surface with cement to create a flatter frontal surface on the patient’s forehead. The cement also accelerates the healing process of the bone. Most surgeons prefer to use bone cement, which is the patient’s living bone, as it is durable, strong, and easy to be adjusted.

  • Forehead Augmentation

In people who has a depression on their forehead or a flat forehead, contouring can be achieved through forehead augmentation or implantation. Forehead augmentation surgery is an accepted procedure to help add some volume to the forehead and resurface it in a manner that looks more pleasing and natural. In this type of surgery, different kinds of materials, like silicone sheet and Gore-Tex, are inserted/implanted on the frontal bone to contour the surface.

As an alternative to forehead augmentation, fat injection can be used to give the patient a natural-looking full forehead. However, this method does not render permanent results.

 Forehead Contouring in Iran5

What to Expect after Forehead Contouring Surgery?

After forehead bone contouring surgery, you may expect a recovery period of 1-2 weeks. During this period, bruising and swelling are the most common side effects. These typically resolve within a week or two. Numbness in the forehead area is normal and normally resolves on its own within two to four months.

During the recovery process, you should avoid physical activities and sports. Deep sutures will dissolve naturally while external sutures will be removed at a follow-up appointment five days following surgery. The scars would heal on their own as well. They would blend into the skin tissue and conceal under the hairs.


Post-Operative Care

  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol one week after the surgery as it slows down the recovery process.
  • Your surgeon may suggest icing or cold packs around the eyes for forty-eight hours to reduce the swelling.
  • Keep your head elevated to minimize swelling. A recliner works well or adding an extra pillow on your bed is adequate.
  • You will have a dressing in place for approximately 24 hours.
  • You may wash your face but keep the dressing dry.
  • Showering and bathing are permitted the next day after surgery.
  • You may expect to have most of the stitches removed after 5 days, and the remaining stitches removed 1 week later.
  • Apply a thin layer of Vaseline ointment to all incisions 3 times a day once dressings have been removed and continue until 2 days after the sutures are removed.
  • Take only medications prescribed by your doctor.
  • Avoid excessive facial movements for two weeks, this will optimize the healing process.
  • Makeup may be used 5-7 days after surgery (except on the incisions).
  • Avoid extreme physical activity including athletic activities and intercourse for at least two weeks. You may resume light walking three days after surgery. Aerobic exercise, weight training, heavy lifting, and straining may be gradually resumed three weeks after surgery.

Is there Scarring after Forehead Contouring Surgery?

It is always important to take scarring into consideration when thinking about a surgical procedure. For all the methods of forehead contouring except fat injection, there would be scarring. Since the incision is made at the hairline, any scarring is minimal and fades away within the first year following the surgery. Also, it would be concealed with the hair. So, when making the incision, the surgeon is very careful with the placement to minimize scarring.

 Forehead Contouring in Iran

Is Forehead Contouring in Iran Safe?

There is no major complication or risk associated with frontal bone surgery. The studies show a high rate of patient’s satisfaction and safety. A study investigating patients’ condition after bone reconstruction surgery has found that overall satisfaction among patients is high.

Some of the potential complications of all surgeries are:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Hematoma or seroma (an accumulation of blood or fluid under the skin that may require removal)
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Changes in sensation
  • Scarring
  • Damage to underlying structures
  • Unsatisfactory results that may necessitate additional procedures.

You can help minimize certain risks by following the advice and instructions of your board-certified plastic surgeon, both before and after your forehead contouring surgery.

Is Forehead Contouring Surgery Right for me?

If you are suffering from brow bossing or masculine-looking forehead, you are a good candidate for forehead contouring surgery. This surgery is also the right option for those who want to have a full and shapelier forehead.

Cost of Forehead Contouring in Iran

As mentioned before, the price of cosmetic procedures in Iran is very affordable, while the quality is still high and equal to other top countries. For example, forehead contouring in Iran costs from $3,000 to $4,500. This price includes all the related medical expenses including anesthesia, doctor’s visit, surgery, and follow-up fees. So, you’d be able to save from 20% to 50% by traveling to this country for your forehead surgery.


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