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Best Rhinoplasty Turkey

Best rhinoplasty Turkey is surgery to alter the appearance of the nose. It is also called a nose job. The goal of this surgery is to create an improved nasal contour that is in harmony with other facial features while improving nasal breathing. Because the nose is the center of the face, the cosmetic changes made with rhinoplasty can make a dramatic difference in a person’s appearance and lead to a great increase in self-confidence.

Best Rhinoplasty Turkey , Ethnic Rhinoplasty Turkey2

What Can Best Rhinoplasty Turkey Treat?

Rhinoplasty is designed to treat many issues that people have with their noses. The following is what best rhinoplasty Turkey can treat:

  • Nose size in relation to the face
  • Nose profile, such as bumps or depressions
  • Nasal tips that are upturned, drooping, hooked, or bulb-shaped
  • The width of the nose, including the bridge and the nostrils
  • Large, wide, or oddly-shaped nostrils
  • Asymmetrical noses
  • Deviated septum
  • Breathing problems
  • Birth defects


Who is a Good Candidate for Best Rhinoplasty Turkey?

An ideal candidate for best rhinoplasty Turkey can be anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their nose or has breathing problems due to issues in the nasal airways. Apart from this, here are some of the conditions that can make you a good candidate for best rhinoplasty Turkey:

1. Your facial growth is complete. For girls, this is about age 15. Boys might still be growing until they are a bit older.

2. You have no major health issues. A patient considering rhinoplasty needs to be in a good overall health.

3. No smoking. Since rhinoplasty is directly related to your nose, most of rhinoplasty surgeons in the world have recommended that the patient who wishes to undergo rhinoplasty surgery needs to be either a non-smoker or must quit smoking one month prior to the surgery.

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Best Rhinoplasty Turkey Procedure

Generally, best rhinoplasty Turkey is an outpatient procedure. This means that there is no overnight stay and you can go home after a few hours following surgery. You will either receive general or local anesthesia, based on the nature of your surgery.

During the surgery, the surgeon will make a few incisions on the nose or within the nostrils before reshaping the bone and the cartilage. The techniques used to perform best rhinoplasty Turkey differ from patient to patient, depending on the problems that need to be addressed.

An open rhinoplasty procedure involves making a small incision on the underside of the nose (the area of the nose is called the columella). Most of the time, this method is used for cases that require a more significant reshaping of the nose. In a closed rhinoplasty procedure, the incisions are completely hidden within the nostrils. This method is appropriate for minor corrections and reshaping.

Cartilage grafts from the nasal septum or ear may be used for proper reshaping during surgery. Occasionally, synthetic materials are used to augment the nasal bridge. All options will be thoroughly discussed and decided on before surgery.


Recovery Process

After the procedure is completed, you will see some swelling and bruising. This will usually last a few days, at least. You should wear a nasal splint for the first week after the surgery. The splint holds the nose in place, so it retains its shape while healing. If you don’t have absorbable stitches, your surgeon will remove them after one week. You can return to work within one to two weeks. It’s a good idea to avoid any strenuous activity for three to six weeks after surgery. It may take up to a year for all residual swelling to resolve.

Best Rhinoplasty Turkey , Ethnic Rhinoplasty Turkey

Best Rhinoplasty Turkey Recovery Tips

  • You will be given prescription medication to reduce the risk of infection and boost healing. Make sure you complete the whole course.
  • Avoid taking pain relief medications such as aspirin, as they can cause nose bleeds.
  • Don’t blow your nose for at least seven days after surgery as this may cause more bleeding.
  • Avoid smoking, excessive chewing and vigorous tooth brushing, until you have completely healed.
  • Use a nasal spray as instructed to assist with breathing and reduce bleeding.
  • You will need at least a week away from work and any other strenuous activity.
  • Rest for the first few days after surgery and avoid leaning over.
  • Rest your head on a few pillows when you are sleeping.
  • Use ice packs to relieve the bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes.
  • Don’t put glasses on the nose bridge for at least two weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid all kinds of strenuous activity for at least a month.
  • You can shower but you must keep the procedure area dry.

What are the risks of rhinoplasty?

Some risks of rhinoplasty include:

  • Bad reactions to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Blood clots
  • Scarring or wounds not healing well
  • Trouble breathing through your nose
  • Numbness
  • Pain
  • Hole in the wall of tissue that separates the nostrils (the septum)
  • Change in the shape of your nose over time
  • Movement of grafts put in the nose

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Turkey

Ethnic rhinoplasty Turkey is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to change the appearance of the nose in a person of ethnic descent, such as an African America rhinoplasty or Asian.

Back in the 80s and 90s, ideal nasal proportions have been based on Caucasian white females, and because of significant media biases, most non-Caucasian individuals have adopted Westernized standards when considering rhinoplasty. Today’s advanced rhinoplasty approaches to an individual beauty that embraces the heritage and enhances a beauty rather than creating a universal nose design. There is a growing desire in recent patients to get a total cosmetic surgery to fit the overall balance of the face, instead of a simple nose surgery. Ethnic rhinoplasty requires a full understanding of certain ethnic groups and extensive rhinoplasty experiences to adjust the details according to the needs.

Results of Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty Turkey may be used to:

  • Make a flattened nose more pronounced and elevated
  • Reduce the width of nostrils that appear to be flaring
  • Make a nose that is too small more defined
  • Reduce the overall width or length of a nose
  • Help improve the balance of the nose with the chin and forehead


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